KTRH News first told you Monday about a Texas valedictorian cut off at the microphone due to his Christian beliefs and pride in the U.S. Constitution.

Now Remington Reimer claims a school official 'intimidated' him by threatening to jeopardize his Naval Academy appointment if he read off script.

Reimer tells KTRH News he expected his speech would be edited, but Joshua ISD went too far when he handed in his writing for review.

“It was passed on to school officials who were editing, rewriting, deleting sentences and adding new ones, and suggesting paragraphs on certain subjects,” he claims.  “It was handed off to me and I was told if I deviated off, I would be muted.”

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Reimer says the district turned off the microphone because of 12 specific lines.

“I thanked my family for raising me in a Christian family, I gave a salvation message thanking God, and I was speaking into my Constitutional right when my mic was cut off,” he says.

The Liberty Institute has given notice to Joshua ISD saying the district has 60 days to comply with state, or face legal action for editing Reimer's speech.

“The school district is supposed to have a disclaimer in the graduation program disclaiming that this speech by the valedictorian and other speakers is their individual speech and we have nothing to do with it,” says the group's Hiram Sassar.

The district stands by it's decision, saying Reimer was warned not veer off the approved speech.

“They failed to follow the school board policy, failed to follow the state law, and they also violated federal law by censoring a speech and engaging in that pre-approval,” says Sassar.