Believe it or not, some companies have decided to make the salaries of all their employees public. Small business owners and many experts don’t necessarily see that as a good idea.

The companies that do it call it pay transparency. And the companies that are doing it are, in many cases, startups with smaller staffs. But Adviant's Paul Bazell says he doesn't think it's a good long term plan.

“What happens when the business wants to attract key talent,” Bazell asked. “In order to get them and keep them businesses are going to have to do something above the norm.”

Keith Smith is a small business owner in Texas. He doesn't think it's a great idea either. He told KTRH it only makes sense in politics.

“You have the right to know that information. All politicians work for us,” Smith said. “If you go into the public sector, it comes with the territory.”

Bazell says he doesn't see many businesses going ahead with this kind of transparency.

“I can’t imagine it. I could foresee it as a labor disaster,” Bazell explained.