() Disciples of Machiavellianism may be alive in the House Republican Caucus.

Freshman House Republican Thomas Massie told TheBlaze Monday that he has seen colleagues in private meetings argue against measures to defund Obamacare in order to have what they consider to be the law’s doomed policy go into effect for the electoral benefit of the GOP.

“In other words, they want Obamacare to be enacted so that the American public will feel the pain?” TheBlaze contributor Mallory Factor asked the congressman in video interview (below).

“To feel the pain,” Massie responded.

The Kentucky Republican won’t name names, but says in his short time in Congress he seen individuals step up during behind-closed-doors meetings with 10 or 12 Republicans to argue against ideas like attaching the funding of Obamacare to the next debt limit deal, based on the notion that ‘if we delay Obamacare after the elections, than we won’t win as many seats in the House and we wont win the Senate.’

“Just like they’re throwing the conservatives in the House of Representatives under the bus, some people are ready to throw everybody in the United States under the bus–under the Obamacare bus–for an electoral advantage,” Massie said. “Frankly, it’s disgusting.”

“Once we socialize all of our healthcare you’re not going to turn that back until something big happens.”

The MIT grad has developed a reputation to be brash and not a team player according to some other Republicans in Congress, Factor noted in the interview.

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