STA Money Hour

Volatile markets, far-reaching policy decisions, national and international governments, new trends across business sectors around the world. The STA Money Hour Radio Show tackles these issues and other current topics during our hour-long show.

Co-hosted by STA Wealth Management CEO and Chief Investment Officer Luke Patterson and President Michael Smith, our goal is to provide an educational and informative show focused on helping our listeners to build and maintain their personal wealth. Our program is driven by national and international economic developments, financial and political policy decisions, and business trends. Luke and Michael offer insights into how these events can impact your personal investments and how to get the best results from your portfolio. We invite our listeners to call during the show so that we can address your questions.

The STA Money Hour Radio Show frequently features subject-matter experts and other guests who bring unique expertise and experience in a wide range of topics, including Steve Forbes, former Shell CEO John Huffmeister, financial expert John Mauldin and economist Dr. Lacy H. Hunt - just to name a few of our past guests.