Colorado Vixnu Imperial IPA

Brewed by: Cerveja Colorado 

Location: Ribeirão Preto (SP), Brazil

Style: Imperial India Pale Ale

A.B.V. (Alcohol By Volume) 9.5%

Flavor: Very boozy with some hints of fruit. (Possibly orange) For an Imperial IPA it is not very bitter. Local Rapadura sugar is added which lightens the body.

Aroma: Sweet, resinous and very little hop aroma.

Seasonality: Year-Round

Pairs well with: very rich food such as aged Gorgozola. Try it with some carrot cake.

Beer notes: (Translated in Google) Vishnu is a Hindu deity responsible for the maintenance of the universe, forming a triad with the gods Shiva and Brahma. This was the name chosen by Colorado Brewery, Ribeirão Preto, for then Double Indicates beer hiperlupulada that has appeared this year in a few bars of special beers, like Bar Brejas. With alcoholic potency of 9.5% ABV, the style is Breja imperial india pale ale, and promises to be the nirvana of lupulomaníacos. In the new label, by the way, Vishnu appears amidst a garden of hops. The label above, which is still under review, was designed by American designer brewer Randy Mosher, who had signed the other labels Brewery Paulo. The reference to India to portray the style had already been used in the form of engraving Hindu temple Taj Mahal in Colorado Indica.

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