Gavroche French Red Ale

Brewed by: Brasserie De Saint-Sylvestre

Location: St-Sylverste Cappel France

Style: Bière de Garde

A.B.V. (Alcohol By Volume) 8.5%

Flavor: Spicy very complex. Semi-tart with toffee and caramel notes.

Aroma: Sweet Malt with a hint of bread and hops.

Seasonality: Year-Round

Pairs well with: Hearty, rich food: steak, roast pork and beef strew. Also try it with simple dessets.

Beer notes: Red ale beer refermented in the bottle. Gavroche is a character in Victor Hugo’s 19th century novel entitled “Les Miserables”. He is a rebellious yet always generous little urchin living by his wits on the streets of Paris. Gavroche is a strong, red beer in which the deep malt flavour and brisk hoppiness are very well balanced. The whole is accentuated by fruity flavours derived from a special top-fermenting yeast. This is a rare French example of an ale refermented in the bottle. Gavroche must be served with care, leaving behind the fine yeast sediments.

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