Poperings Hommel Ale



Brewed by: Van Eecke

Location: Poperinge-Watou, Belgium

Style: Belgian Ale (It is also being categorized as a Belgian IPA)

A.B.V. (Alcohol By Volume) 7.5%

Flavor: Rather hoppy, flowerly aroma, round spicyness. Peppery.

Aroma: Subtle tart, light fruit such as apple and pear.

Seasonality: Year-Round

Pairs well with: Pair with a cheeseburger topped with onions, or with spicy dishes.

Beer notes: Poperings Homel is the true Belgian hop ale. All other hop beers from Belgium are brewed specifically for the U.S. market. However, Poperings Hommel is Van Eecke’s flag ship brand in Belgium and abroad.

What makes it special is of course the yeast, and what makes it unique is the higher amounts of hops used. This beer has about twice the bitterness of other Belgian beers. We could not expect less, since this beer has been brewed for centuries in the heart of the Belgian hops region: Poperinge. Indeed, the small village of Watou is today part of the city of Poperinge.

Poperings Hommel ale is brewed with a blend of summer, winter and aromatic pale malts. The brewery has its own well where soft water is found, and only local grown hops from the Gold and Hallertau family are used.

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