Southern Star Brewing Co. Red Cockaded

Brewed by: Southern Star Brewing Co.

Location: Conroe, Tx

Style: Imperial Red

A.B.V. (Alcohol By Volume) 8.5%

Flavor: Pine, resin and hints of citrus. Lingering dry bitterness finish.

Aroma: Intensely herbal and piney.

Seasonality: Spring

Pairs well with: Wide range of food: Chicken, seafood and burgers. Also great with spicy cuisine

Beer notes: This beer is deep red with a generous dose of malted rye and English crystal malts, giving the malt profile a sticky caramel property and substantial earthiness. The beer also has massive late charges of Pacific Northwest hops, as well as being generously dry hopped, making this beer intensely hoppy, displaying citrus, pine and resin in both aroma and flavor.

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