It was a busy “What’s on Tap” this past weekend. We talked hangovers, David Walker of Firestone Walker Brewing Co. was in studio and we gave simple instructions to share this brand new show with your friends and family.

David Walker accepted the challenge of “Three Blind Beers.” The purpose this game to test the expertise and to break down beer style profiles.
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The rules of the game are simple.
Send the participant out of the room. Pour three different beer styles in three separate cups. Number the cups 1, 2 and three. Invite the participant back into the room without allowing them to see the cups. We suggest using a non see-through cup. Blind fold the participant and then let the game began. They must identify the styles by only aroma and the taste.

This game is fun for bachelor parties, game night and bridal showers.

Did David Walker pass the challenge? Check out the podcast and find out!

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