Craft beer drinkers have taken to Twitter to express their dismay about pumpkin-flavored brews being released too early. Hashtags such as #HolidayFail and #SummersNotOver are popping up.
One beer-drinker from Boston tweeted, "Everyone likes pumpkin beer, but you don't want it to come too soon. I definitely like to drink it in the appropriate season."
Brewers defend the early releases of their pumpkin flavors, citing demand and the size of their breweries as the reasons why the fall flavor makes its way to shelves too early.
Schlafly Beer, a brewery in St. Louis responded to the backlash by posting this message on its website, "If you think it's too early for Pumpkin Ale don't go get some. It will be on shelves for the next couple months (hopefully) and you can pick some up down the road." (Yahoo)

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