Drag Queen Dressed As Elsa Rescues Stuck Police Wagon (Video)

Queen Elsa to the rescue! 

When a Boston Police Department wagon found itself trapped in a pile of snow outside The Gallows eatery in Boston after the latest nor'easter punished the East Coast with two feet of snow, the BPD thought they might be stuck there all night waiting for a tow. 

Fortunately for Boston's boys in blue, a man dressed in Elsa's signature blue dress and wig was there to help the stuck officers get the police wagon loose. 

While the wagon's wheels struggled for traction, Elsa got behind the truck and began pushing, trying to help to wrench it free. 

“Yup, that just happened,” said Christopher Haynes, who posted the viral video.

With the encouragement of some onlookers from inside the eatery the drag queen manages to single-handedly "Let it go" (come on you had to know that was coming) as the vehicle drives off into the  Frozen night (last one, I promise). 

The best part? Elsa was able to free the police wagon all while looking elegant in a blue flowing gown and high heels which as any one can tell you, takes more than a wink and a smile.

And of course, because Elsa is royalty, we're treated to a curtsy once the police wagon manages its escape. 

Because that's just what class looks like after conducting a rescue.

Watch the video below: 



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