Student Gets Suspended For Using Counterfeit Money To Pay For Lunch


A middle school student received a ten-day in school suspension after he attempted to pay for his lunch with a $20 bill that turned out to be fake. Christian Philon claimed that he had no idea the money was counterfeit, but officials at Austin Road Middle School in Georgia didn't care and said that he should be punished because he was in possession of the counterfeit bill. 

Christian's dad, Earvin, said that he gave his son the money and was also oblivious to the fact that it was fake, explaining that he received the bill as change from a fast food restaurant. 

“I’ve never handled counterfeit money. I don't know what it looks like,” Earvin told WSB-TV. “There was no way when I gave it to my son that he knew it was counterfeit.”

Christian's parents filed a police report about the counterfeit money, hoping it would clear their son's name. However, school officials refused to back down and would not overturn their decision to suspend the honor student. 

"The whole process has been unfair," Christian said. 

His parents said they plan to appeal the decision.


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