2020 Democrats leaning on liberal Hollywood

The Democrats running for President in 2020 will lean on a source of money that has been reliable for the left over the years; liberal Hollywood.

It shouldn't be a shock because that's the way it's been for years. Political analyst Chris Begala says if you needed proof, just look at where Beto O'Rourke got his money from in his campaign last year.

“How much of the $80 million to Beto came from Hollywood? Maybe 30 or 40 percent,” Begala explained.

And that was in a losing effort. Begala says not only does the money come from Hollywood, but if you're in Hollywood and you want to succeed, there's only one way to act.

“You are liberal and if anyone dares go public to back a Republican, they get ostracized,” Begala stated.

A good example of this is actor James Woods, who said he was retiring from acting because he was out there as a conservative.


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