Spying on You -- there's an App for that

It's not just your smart speaker spying on you, many popular smart phone apps are recording every click -- and even taking screenshots !

Security expert Robert Siciliano says the permissions are all there, in the fine print.

"The problem is that most consumers, when they download an app, they're simply clicking 'I agree' and they're not really looking at the terms of service and conditions."

Siciliano says you need to pay attention during the install process.

"I generally either uncheck all the boxes or I don't install the app at all."

Other than pay attention during the install, Siciliano says you need to do the usual to stay safe.

"It's really important that users make sure to download their mobile phone's current operating system, any security patches and download the latest versions of their apps that may be vulnerable to certain exploits."

If you wonder why a fast food app needs access to your camera -- it probably doesn't. Don't give that permission to every app you install.



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