Testing Your Dog's DNA

Another huge week in the political world is upon us. The ongoing crisis in Virginia continues as the top three elected officials face calls to resign amid scandals of wearing blackface and sexual assault. Fears of another government shutdown have grown as efforts to make any type of compromise have stalled again over immigration enforcement. Finally, the race for the Democratic presidential nomination is growing as Elizabeth Warren and Amy Klobuchar have entered the race. Ginger Gibson, political reporter for Reuters, break it all down for us.

Next, as relatively inexpensive genetic testing is all over the place, we are getting a chance to learn a little more about our best friends. You can now do genetic test for you dogs, and it works much like the ones for humans, swab the mouth, send it in and get your results. There a number of different companies offering services, each with a different focus, different results, and varying costs. Sarah Fallon at Wired, tested her dog with three different companies. She joins us to talk about the results and which might be best for you and your pup.



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