Justices Gorsuch, Kavanaugh Disagree on Harsher Penalties in Gun Cases

President Donald Trump's two Supreme Court picks found themselves on opposite sides of an opinion again -- this time involving a case about gun law.

Justice Neil Gorsuch sided with his liberal colleagues in a 5-4 decision on striking down harsher penalties in certain gun possession cases.

Second Amendment attorney Emily Taylor agrees with Gorsuch that the law is too vague.

“If you cannot look at a law created by Congress and know what it means, and it can be subject to different interpretations by people who are not elected law makers, we can’t let that stand,” she says.

“I think we can all say a substantial risk that’s forced against a person or property that may be used, that’s a very vague and sort of wishy-washy standard.”

Taylor says Gorsuch did what he was put on the bench to do.

“Which is uphold the constitution and not worry about which president appointed them or who else on the court they’re agreeing with politically.”

Meanwhile, Justice Brett Kavanaugh's dissent said the decision will make it harder to prosecutor violent crimes.



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