Political Opponents Pile on Houston's Mayor Over Fire Trucks Without AC

Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner is defending his administration against recent reports of firefighters not having working air conditioning in their trucks.

The mayor was attacked by political opponents during Wednesday's City Council meeting.

"When you look at the track record of this administration, you will see in every single department -- from solid waste, to police, to fire -- this administration has been purchasing brand new equipment."

"There have been a total of a 135 new units that have been purchased since I've been mayor, at a cost of nearly $33 million," he said."These are new trucks.Then when things break down you repair them as quickly as possible."

Mayor Turner went on to say it's always hot in Houston this time of year.

"The summer in Houston is always hot.And if I can underscore this, in the last several days we've been in a heat wave."

The city is providing cooling stations for firefighters where it's needed.

HFD Chief Sam Pena issued a statement late Wednesday describing extreme conditions firefighters face during the summer months, but also reaffirming the mayor's efforts to fix the problem.



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