Republicans Dismiss Reports "Texas Miracle" is Turning Lone Star State Blue

Republicans are dismissing reports that Gov. Rick Perry's "Texas Miracle" economy has now turned the Lone Star State blue.

Harris County Republican Party Chairman Paul Simpson calls it completely false, adding the 2016 elections prove it.

“People who had moved to Texas supported Ted Cruz more than native Texans did, 57 percent to 48 percent,” says Simpson.“So you find the folks who are moving here are often moving here through a self-selection process to get away from the failing Democrat states.”

According to the IRS, a majority of new Texans are coming from California, New York and Illinois.

“People who move here are making a choice to come to Texas, and as a result, even the people who are moving here from heavily liberal, heavily Democrat areas tend to skew more pro-Texan and more pro-freedom and opportunity,” says James Dickey, chairman of the Republican Party of Texas.

Dickey says it's something they want to emphasize heading into 2020.

“We’re putting effort into making sure the people who flee progressive and unhelpful legislative regimes from other less-successful states, remember when they came here and why they came here.”

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