Anchor Babies Continue to Weigh Down U.S. Taxpayers

More than a quarter million "anchor babies" are now living in the U.S., costing American taxpayers billions of dollars in subsidies.

“We've previously estimated the cost to taxpayers just each year for the births to illegal aliens, not subsequent care, but just the birth, is about $2.4 billion,” says Steven Camarota, Center for Immigration Studies.

Camarota says his estimates show roughly 297 million anchor babies live all across the U.S., and about one in every seven births in the greater Houston area is to an illegal alien mother.

“All children born to illegal immigrants are immediately eligible for everything from food stamps to public housing, Medicaid, the WIC program, which is a food stamp-type program for young children, and everything else.”

The biggest tax burden is on our public schools.

“There are about one million illegal immigrant children in public school, but probably about 4.5 U.S.-born children of illegal immigrants in public school,” says Camarota. “The total cost has to range at least to $50 billion a year.

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