Trump Sees Uptick in Support Amid Impeachment Inquiry

Despite what recent polling says, President Donald Trump continues to rake in campaign contributions since Democrats announced their impeachment inquiry.

Several polls out last week hinted that a majority of Americans support the impeachment inquiry.Dr. Brian Joondeph, who writes for American Thinker, says the devil is in the details.

“If you conduct a survey about impeachment in Berkeley or Ann Arbor, Ithaca or Nancy Pelosi’s district, of course you’re going to get overwhelming support for impeachment, but that’s not a true survey,” he says.

“Unfortunately the polls are no longer used to reflect public opinion, they’re used to shape it, and the media is all in on this.”

Joondeph believes most Americans are on to the Democrats' desperate attempt to overthrown our government.

“It’s just another chapter in a long book called ‘How do we nullify or overturn the 2016 election,’” he says.“Trump is the messenger.Trump is really a reflection of Democratic overreach in the Obama administration and feckless Republicans who have not pushed back.”

A recent Rasmussen Poll shows roughly half of Americans are angry with Democrats, even more are angry with the media.Two polls show President Trump's approval rating is actually higher than President Obama at the same point in his presidency.


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