Britain's National Health System Exposes Cracks in Medicare-For-All

We keep hearing how much the Democrats' "Medicare-for-All" plan will cost U.S. taxpayers, but if Britain's system is any indication, we'll be waiting days, weeks, or even months just to see a doctor.

Britain's own National Health System reports increased wait times for services ranging from emergency room visits to cancer care.

“If you need an appendectomy, you need cancer treatment, you need something else that's going to happen, somehow magically this small agency is going to cover every single American ailment every day forever and ever, amen,” says Robert Charles with the Association of Mature American Citizens.

Just look at the problems at our own Veterans Affairs.

“Unfortunately, what we see is that veterans die every day because they have to wait for care that if they were just privately insured, they wouldn't have had to wait for.”

Charles says this is why Medicare-for-All is the wrong path to follow.

“Not in delivering you silverware. Not in delivering your driver's license. But in delivering you the answer to the quesiton will I live or die?” he says.

I don't think I want a massive federal bureaucracy with no accountability and total ananymoty making that decision, and I don't think the average American wants that.”

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