Texas Tops in Retail Gun Sales in 2018

Texas led the nation in retail gun sales in 2018, but fell somewhere in the middle when it came to crimes and murders involving a gun.

Security.org says nearly 973,000 guns were legally sold in the Lone Star State last year. Florida, California, Pennsylvania and Ohio rounded out the top five.

Illinois saw less than half that number of guns sold by retailers, yet is at or near the top of the list for murders and assaults involving guns.

“The truth is that more guns does not equal more crime,” says David Amad with Open Carry Texas. “If that were the case, then every police station in the country would be the center of crime because there are guns all over the place in there.”

Amad says Illinois is a prime example of how strict gun laws don't work.

“The states that have the highest gun control also have the highest rates of bad guys attacking good guys, and it's very simply because the good guys are disarmed.”

In the end, Amad says the numbers don't add up anyway because many crimes are committed with guns bought illegally.

“The gun haters are always comparing apples to oranges. They're always making comparisons that are essentially dishonest and they do it because that's the only way they can make their incorrect and just plain wrong argument work.”

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