Houston Petset: protecting pets and helping strays live off our streets


Tama Lundquist and Tena Lundquist Faust are co-presidents of Houston Petset. For the second survey in a row, the UTHealth School of Public Health's "Health of Houston Survey" reported that stray animals were the top concern of respondents, outranking crime among other issues. Houston Petset has a "Report Cruelty" link which allows citizens to report any animal they think is being mistreated. They have investigators whose primary job is to educate but they have the power to get mistreated animals out of abusive homes. They also help get stray dogs off the streets. Go to www.houstonpetset.org for information on how they are also trying to change local laws dictating what is considered "adequate" shelter for pets. New, fair laws will give law enforcement tools to eliminate a great deal of cruelty.

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