Border Seizures of Meth, Fentanyl Soar to Record Levels

U.S. border seizures of methamphetamine and fentanyl could reach new records in 2020, revealing a shift in how Mexican cartels are doing business.

Retired Texas DPS captain Jaeson Jones says the challenge in our ongoing war on drugs is two-fold.

“Domestically, the demand for methamphetamine and synthetic opioids,” he says. “The second part of this, President AMLO - Andrés Manuel López Obrador - is not going after the cartels.”

U.S. Customs and Border Protection's Office of Field Operations reports agents so far have seized 50,072 pounds of meth and 622 pounds of fentanyl during the first three months of Fiscal Year 2020. Last year's totals were the highest ever for both – 68,858 pounds of meth and 2,545 pounds of fentanyl.

Meanwhile, marijuana seizures have decreased dramatically in recent years as more states adopt pro-marijuana policies. From 602,821 pounds in FY 2015 to 289,529 pounds in FY 2019.

“The cartels have evolved. They have changed from what we know them as. And they truly are terrorists based on what they're doing to the people of Mexico, with over 200,000 killed since 2007,” says Jones.

Jones says the only way to stop the cartels is to classify them as international terrorist groups.

“When we change U.S. policy. When we designate certain cartels as foreign terrorist organizations. That U.S. policy change provides authorities that we don't currently have that would allow us to go after them and be successful.”

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