Cali Has Six Extra Representatives Because They Count Illegals in Census

When President Donald Trump recently made an executive order preventing illegal immigrants from participating in the census, Democrats were not pleased.

As it turns out, there's a perfectly good explanation as to why liberals are triggered by Trump's decision: this news could be very harmful to the Leftist agenda in Washington and to understand why you need look no further than the Golden State: California.

One reason why California dominates our Congress stems from the fact that they have six more representatives than they probably should thanks to illegal immigration, according to a new report.

Matt Palumbo reports:

According to an analysis from Unbiased America, Blue States with large illegal alien populations like California are benefiting massively in terms of representation due to their non-citizens.
Decades ago, the relatively small number of unauthorized residents in the U.S. meant that including them in the Census did not materially change the number of representatives each state was allocated. But today there are between 12 and 14 million people living here illegally, and the number is rising.
As a result, states with large numbers of undocumented immigrants gain the advantage of additional representation in Congress. Based on the 2010 Census, the following states gained representatives because of the number of people illegally there:
California: +6 representatives (11.3% of its current representatives)
Florida: +1 representative (4.0%)
New York: +1 representative (3.4%)
Texas: +1 representative (3.1%)
Because the House of Representatives is currently fixed by law at 435 members, states that have fewer illegal aliens and non-citizens lose representatives as a result. The following states have fewer representatives than they would if undocumented immigrants were not counted in the calculation:
Mississippi: -1 representative (25.0% of its current representatives)
Oklahoma: -1 representative (20.0%)
Kentucky: -1 representative (16.7%)
South Carolina: -1 representative (16.7%)
Wisconsin: -1 representative (12.5%)
Indiana: -1 representative (11.1%)
Michigan: -1 representative (6.7%)
Ohio: -1 representative (5.6%)
Pennsylvania: -1 representative (5.3%)
The Census is also used to allocate federal funds, and states with more illegal immigrants thus receive more from the federal government at the expense of those with smaller illegal alien populations.
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