"One Voter, One Vote" Legal End-Around to Excluding Illegals from Census

While California sues President Donald Trump over his memorandum excluding illegal aliens from the 2020 Census, there's possibly a new path forward when divvying up congressional districts.

It's called "One voter, one vote." The idea is to stop large urban cities from essentially controlling the country. And some legal scholars say it has a better chance of holding up in court than the president's executive order.

“Congress probably does have leeway in requiring the states to draw the lines within the states about what are the congressional districts within the states, and requiring those be based on a count of citizens only,” says Mark Krikorian at the Center for Immigration Studies.

Sanctuary cities like Houston, Los Angeles and New York would lose representation, not only in Congress, but at their state legislatures as well.

“If the state legislature has to be based only on potential voters, in other words citizens, then Houston and Dallas would have fewer seats in the state legislature.”

Krikorian says it's a nice intellectual debate to have, but the solution is already staring us in the face.

“The real issue here is not how we place a Band-Aid on the political consequences of having so many illegal aliens live here,” he says.“The real answer is to have fewer illegal aliens living here in the first place.”

“The practical matter is you need to just keep illegal immigrants out of the United States and make sure legal visitors leave when they’re supposed to so they don’t become illegal immigrants.Then this will become a much smaller and less important problem.”

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