Fort Bend County Taps Ed Emmett to Develop Emergency Evacuation Routes

It's good to live in Fort Bend County. That's according to Judge KP George, who highlighted the county's successes during his annual state of the county speech Wednesday.

Judge George praised first responders and residents for helping keep COVID-19 to a manageable level. His county so far reports 174 coronavirus deaths, compared to 1,600 in neighboring Harris County.

“From Katy to Kendleton, we have faced an invisible virus just as we have numerous weather and flood events together. Each time we have emerged from these challenges stronger and more resolute,” he said. “Fort Bend County is simply the best place in the world to live, play and work.”

“Seeing this sprightliness and vibrancy of Fort Bend County during tough times confirms why we all choose to live here,” Goerge added, while noting the county's growth to more than 800,000 residents.

He also told residents he's partnered with a familiar name in Harris County to help plan for future hurricanes and other disasters.

“I recently tapped former Harris County Judge Ed Emmett to lead a major study in Fort Bend County, to evaluate the status of our evacuation routes, and help plan for future expansion of such routes. And identify funding sources to ensure focus on our emergency network,” said George.

Fort Bend County voters in November are being asked to approve funding for a traffic monitoring system for both accidents and evacuation needs.

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