Get Ready: Big Tech To Unveil Communist Style Social Credit System On U.S.

Like most sane, normal and rational people, you probably thought never in your wildest dreams! Would freedom of speech be taken away in the United States of America. But here we are, censorship is alive and well, at least for conservatives. But like everything else with the left, if you think that's enough? You are mistaken. There is already a bill in New York allowing the government to detain individuals deemed 'dangerous' to public health. Beyond that? The next move could be something that the left learned from the China playbook. It's a Communist-Style Social Credit System that will be used on Americans who don't fall in line. Joy Pullmann, editor of The Federalist explained to KTRH how it will work. "The social credit system in China basically applies economic pressure to coerce people into behaving the way that the totalitarian government wants them to." "If you have a low credit score in China, you can't bank, you can't travel, your kids can't go to a good school. All sorts of things that this crazy cancel-culture, and mobs on the left are already pressuring here in the United States." And as crazy as that may sound, look at what we've seen this week. People getting fired just for -attending- the Trump rally! A first amendment right. In the meantime, Pullmann says she is not surprised at all by the current censorship. "We have been internally seeing censorship applied to our platform at The Federalist." And Pullmann adds that unfortunately, being nice and kind, and taking the high road is not going to work. Conservatives need to get involved to protect their freedoms. Protect them, or lose them.