Cyber Security Staff in even more Demand

Cyber Security expert Jim Turner of Frontline Managed Services says every company without Cyber Security Staff is at risk. "There's no company too small that's not either being targeted by these ransom gangs or accidentally getting caught up in one because a bad actor got an email address and sent an employee (working remotely, probably) a phishing link." Turner says basic cyber security know-how doesn't need a masters degree - just up to date training. "There are training programs for individuals who have at least have some computer experience that they can be brought up to speed on some aspects of cyber security." Turner says training is as close as a 2-year college or special classes for computer-savvy people

Colonial Pipeline Shut Down by Cyber Attack

Cyber security attacks on businesses are increasing and Frontline Managed Services (Turner) says there are not enough people going into cybersecurity to fill the jobs. "There are so many businesses out there that will certainly benefit from having a smart person on the staff that can tell them 'Don't open that suspicious email' or can find out that that server they are using has not be updated to defend them against the latest threat." . He says there are thousands of potential security holes that need to be filled which means the field has a lot of job security, and good salaries as well.

Turner says the need will grow as more people work remotely.

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Cyber Security Professionals in Need

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