Astrodome Conservancy Hosting Virtual Public Meetings on Future of Building

Harris County taxpayers are still maintaining the shuttered Astrodome, now a local conservancy group is gathering public input on a possible path forward.

Beth Wiedower-Jackson heads the Astrodome Conservancy, which will begin hosting a series of virtual public meetings Thursday night to hear what Houstonians want to see done with the property.

“There is no plan going forward and there is not funding source going forward,” she says. “So that's the intention of 'Future Dome,' our campaign for public engagement, is to give the public a voice in this conversation.”

“How would you like to see public dollars spent, if that's the case? What is the public benefit in this building? The future of the building?”

Voters back in 2013 rejected $217 million bond proposal to revamp the Dome. The county then approved funds to tear down the outer walking ramps and raise the floor to ground level. It has sat that way ever since.

“The building has value as a cultural institution. Our identity as Houstonians is tied to this building. In fact, it's what most people know who don't know Houston.”

Thursday night's virtual meeting starts at 6:30. A second meeting is planned Saturday, June 26.