Deportations Up As Biden Tries to Change Border Narrative Ahead of Midterms

The border patrol union says illegal crossings are down so far in 2022, but only because it's an election year.

The Biden administration is now using Trump's Title 42 health policy to turn migrants away, and it somewhat reimplemented a version of Remain in Mexico.

"Even some cosmetic improvements really isn't what the American public is looking for," says Ira Mehlman, spokesperson for the Federation for American Immigration Reform.

"They are looking for a sound and consistent policy that says we are not going to tolerate mass illegal immigration."

The Border Patrol says Remain in Mexico is barely being enforced in El Paso and near San Diego.

"Only about 35 people a day are being subject to the Return to Mexico policy. When you consider that we're averaging nearly 200,000 illegal border crossings every month, that's a drop in the bucket," says Mehlman.

"Clearly far more people are being turned back because of Title 42, and again the administration is under pressure to end that."

That's because open border advocates say Biden isn't doing enough to allow more foreigners into the U.S.

"There is pressure on the administration to do whatever it can administratively, such as broad executive authority to grant parole to people who are in the country illegally."

"We saw Obama do something similar in 2012 when he declared DACA."

Mehlman is unsure Biden has it in him to do that ahead of the midterms.


Photo: AFP

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