3 Texas Eateries Among 'America's Best Korean Restaurants'

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Korean food is loved for its delicious blends of spicy, salty, bitter, sour, and sweet flavors.

LoveFOOD compiled a list of America's best Korean restaurants. The website states, "From casual hangouts serving family style hotpots to upscale restaurants serving refined small plates, here’s our pick of the best Korean restaurants across the US."

Three Texas eateries made the list. The first is an Austin eatery. Oseyo is women-owned and serves up some delicious inherited recipes. The website states:

"Mom’s inherited recipes are the heart of Austin’s Oseyo. Women-owned, chic, and visually minimal, dining at Oseyo is a relaxing feast for the senses. Oseyo translates to Korean as ‘welcome to my home,’ and welcome is how you feel surrounded by a menu choice of wood-grilled items, bibimbap and a twist on traditional small plates."

The second Texas restaurant to make the list was Dak & Bop in Houston. LoveFOOD says:

"Korean fried chicken is arguably the cuisine's most popular dish. Recognized by its crispy exterior and melt in your mouth meat, finding the best Korean fried chicken is by no means an easy task. However, Dak & Bop’s made to order, twice fried and carefully sauced wings aim to tick all the boxes."

Nak Won Jung in McAllen also landed on the list. The website explains what makes this eatery so special:

"Although this Texas spot might look unassuming on the outside, inside is a bubbling local Korean restaurant heralded for its authentic and fresh food, and friendly café-style atmosphere. Eating here feels familiar and warm, with a family oriented vibe. Despite Nak Won Jung being a humble joint, it boasts a plentiful menu of Korean side dishes, and plenty of mains to get stuck into."

Click here to view the full list of America's best Korean restaurants.

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