Auntie Anne's Showcases First Drive-Thru In Texas & We're Freaking Out

Photo: Getty Images

Auntie Anne's teased an upcoming business opportunity last month on TikTok and now they're following up with that promise.

Drive-thru locations are coming, America. It's happening.

In fact, the first drive-thru location is already open! Located at 809 Wodbridge Parkway #100 in Wylie, the national pretzel chain teamed up with smoothie chain Jamba to bring your favorite snacks right to your driver side window. The drive-thru opened in May 2021, according to Restaurant Business, and is the only drive-thru location currently listed on the company's website.

Despite the fact that this location has been serving up pretzel bites and lemonade for over a year, Auntie Anne's took to TikTok on Wednesday (August 10) to show it off. "Welcome to our drive-thru 😉," the video said. The video was captioned, "The tik tok yall have been waiting for…OUR DRIVE-THRU 🕺🏻🤝"

Users are absolutely freaking out about the possibility of the drive-thru coming to a city near them. While it's unclear where these drive-thru Auntie Anne's will pop up, the company said last year it wants to partner with more Jamba locations with drive-thrus across the country.

If you have a suggestion for where to welcome an Auntie Anne's drive-thru, comment on their TikToks and they'll "tell the boss." And while you're waiting, don't forget you can order your faves online or on DoorDash!

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