GRAPHIC VIDEO: Abilene Father, Son Kill Their Neighbor Over Trash


Men Don’t Bring Guns to a Fistfight

In the dusty West Texas metropolis of Abilene, two neighbors squared off about trash in an alleyway. In a town with a long history of gunfights in the Old West, including the infamous battle in which Wild Bill Hickok left three dead, this tragedy exemplified how much has changed since the noble lawlessness of the Old West. One man showed up like a man to have a heated discussion about the disposal of a mattress. The other, shirtless and bloated from gluttony, brought his equally shirtless and tubby progeny. Father and son were armed, respectively, with a semiautomatic handgun and a shotgun. 

The man did not retreat. He furthered his argument. Then the fat, disgusting cowards cut him down. We know this because the victim’s girlfriend courageously recorded the incident thus robbing the monsters of the opportunity to fabricate a fable to justify their horrendous acts. 

This fight had nothing to do with access to weapons. It does not impugn the 2nd Amendment or exemplify a need to change the laws in America. It, instead, exemplifies the need to change the character of America. To harken back to a day when men fought men like men. With fists instead of firearms. I hope these two examples of evil enjoy the prick of a needle one day in the Death House because they deserve nothing less.

Charles Adams

Charles Adams

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