The Left Attacks Women and Children: the Rhetorical Assaults on the Kavanau

The Left has lost all power in America. They hope to regain it by any means necessary OTHER than seeking to reconnect with the Democrats historic base of blue collar and middle class working families. The new mantra of government solutions and entitlement dependency seeks to create a base of those required to vote Democrat to ensure a continuation of meager resources through reallocation of wealth. Unsurprisingly, this socialism masquerading as progressivism was rejected in 2016 and, hopefully, will find no traction in 2018. 

The lack of traction outside of the Far Left strongholds and the fear that the Left’s long-term agenda may be lost has led to a new desperation that has removed all pretense of civility in liberal discourse. This is the mirrored reflection of those on the extreme Right who shared horrifying racist images of the Obamas as monkeys or Michelle Obama as a transitioning transgender. But the Left is now normalizing the extreme rhetoric in an effort to thwart the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation. 

Political cartoonist Chris Britt recently published a work in the Illinois Times depicting Judge Kavanaugh’s daughter praying and seeking divine pardon for her “angry, lying, alcoholic father for sexually assaulting Dr. Ford.” A popular meme appeared on my timeline this morning posted by a prominent attorney who is an active member in his church and community. It was a picture of Judge Kavanaugh’s wife at the confirmation hearing stating “the moment you realize you married a sexual predator.” 

These “jokes” seek to dehumanize the Kavanaugh family as a mechanism in the machine seeking to prevent his ascension to the Supreme Court. But, in reality, these posts only dehumanize the creators and regurgitators of this bile. No appointee has undergone this scorched earth examination. And, mark my words, it has nothing to do with the belief that he was a teenage serial rapist. He threatens the future of access to abortion in America. And that threat is the genesis for all of these attacks and allegations. None of which can survive the bright light of objective examination. All of which require the roar of the angry mob and a complicit press corps. 

Hopefully, my disgust isn’t the anomaly. Hopefully, America will reject these tactics in the ballot box. Hopefully, the Democrats will feel compelled to refocus on the news of hard working participating Americans. Hopefully, that will push the Republicans to do the same. But I’m not holding my breath.

Charles Adams

Charles Adams

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