Houston's imaware Partners with Texas A&M to Find Risk Factors for COVID-19

A Houston company is teaming with researchers at Texas A&M to trace individual risk factors for COVID-19.

Imaware is an digital health platform. It's been working with the city of Houston's health department with at-home testing for people who simply cannot get to a testing site.

“We're looking at age, pre-existing conditions, especially around autoimmune conditions and heart disease. And then lifestyle information,” says imaware co-founder Jani Tuomi.

Researchers also are looking at obesity, smoking and alcohol as possible risk factors.

“This is to better understand how and why some people get much more aggressively impacted by COVID-19 and others don't seem to have any symptoms or body reactions to it.”

His team and Texas A&M will gather as much data as they possibly can over six months.

“We are actually checking back with some people we previously tested to see if their getting reinfected or if their values or biomarkers are changing,” says Tuomi. “We're actually going to spend as much time on as many people as possible.”

Patient samples are stored at Texas A&M University.

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