Gaming and the rise of eSports

Video games have been around since as early as 1958 when physicist William Higinbotham programmed a Pong-like game into his oscilloscope. In the decades since, video games have enjoyed a meteoric rise in popularity and market share, save for a brief decline in the early 1980s. After which, Nintendo, fertilized from the fertile ashes of Atari, introduced the entire world to a mushroom eating Italian plumber named Mario (that sounds questionable when you add it all up doesn't it).

While competitive gaming technically existed in the living rooms and basements of every child growing up since the 70s, it has enjoyed an unbridled explosion in global popularity largely coinciding with the viral expansion of the internet. When you can chug soda in your underwear in Detroit while playing a video game with a faceless friend in Beijing...that's almost romantic.


Anyway, gaming has become a global, multi-billion dollar industry, and much like soccer has reached all corners of the earth, when everyone is playing, the field is ripe with competition. That's where eSports comes in.

And what better way to learn about the rise of eSports than to talk to the Vice President of eSports for the Houston Rockets and Clutch Gaming, Sebastian Park.

So relax, grab a beer, maybe fire up that Playstation, and Enjoy listening to this week's Geek Therapy Radio.

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