RIPOFF: 2018 Apple Macbook Pro 15

I don't outright "hate" Apple, they make gorgeous products and even though their computers are massively overpriced, at least they work...for the most part.

That is not the case for the new 2018 Macbook Pro 15. "Thermal throttling" is relatively normal in sleek, thin laptops. The beefy processors generate heat and that heat needs to be exhausted from the system as efficiently as possible...a difficult engineering feat in such thinly designed tech. But Apple...Apple had the audacity to cram an overclockable Intel Core i9 into a chassis they KNEW could never benefit from it, in fact crippled by it, and they want to charge you WELL over $6,000 for the privilege of the handicap.

Before we go further, "thermal throttling" is what happens when the CPU in your computer gets so hot that the system cripples (throttles down) performance to avoid damaging the computer. This is normal. In fact, it is a good safety measure to protect your investment. Every modern PC does this, not just Apple, and not just laptops. Normally this simply throttles how much "turbo boost" you get above the "base clock." The "base clock" is the normal operating frequency of the CPU.

It's like setting the cruise control at 60 MPH for maximum efficiency, with the ability to floor it when you need to pass someone.

Except in the 2018 Macbook Pro, it's like paying for a Ferrari that can never get past 60 MPH.

The issue with the 2018 Macbook Pro 15, at least with the Core i9, is that while most laptops thermal throttle down to a lower boost frequency, the Macbook throttles all they down lower than even its base frequency.

The core i9's turbo boost is up to 4.8ghz.

The base frequency is 2.9ghz.

The thermal throttle is down to 2.2ghz...700mhz lower than BASE.

So what is all that extra money paying for!?

This is unacceptable in a device that costs $3,000 just to get in the door, let alone up to $7,000.

The thing is, the casual laptop user will never notice this issue, but that's the catch, the casual user isn't going to buy a $3,000-7,000 laptop. This is marketed toward professionals who need the horsepower for 3D design, engineering, and video editing. In fact, Macbook Pro has "PRO" right in the name!

Even more gas on the flame is that the previous 2017 Macbook Pro with the "lesser" and last generation Core i7 is FASTER at rendering out projects!

So again, what EXACTLY are we supposed to be paying for!?

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