Chloe Dykstra versus Chris Hardwick = Doubts

I've been sitting on doing this follow-up for a few weeks since new details have emerged in this case and AMC/NBC brought Hardwick back to work.

You can hear my full thoughts below of course, but last night my girlfriend asked me why I was so invested in this case since I'm not usually into celebrity gossip. The answer is fairly simple.

There is a lot at stake here for abuse victims and those accused without evidence.

I have chosen a career that, if all goes well, might see me at a similar level of scrutiny to that of Hardwick. While I am confident that no woman in my life would think anything ill of me when it comes to abuse, if we set the precedent that mere allegations are good enough to ruin innocent lives, there's no reason a complete stranger couldn't ruin mine...or yours.

We have to be extremely careful with sexual abuse allegations for the sake of actual abuse victims as well as those men and women accused.

Chris Hardwick and I operate within the same sphere. He a an A-list "geek" ...and me with my small-but-growing show "Geek Therapy Radio."

This case is important to set a precedent that keeps the #metoo movement pure. To be pure, we have to perform due diligence in keeping crying wolf to a minimum in order for actual abuse victims' voices to be heard clearly. In addition, this case sets a precedent that we cannot allow lives and careers to be ruined over allegations, instead of legal evidence.

You will hear in this podcast that I AM NOT confirming Dykstra or Hardwick's GUILT...only that the situation casts serious skepticism, and if either party involved is invoking the #metoo movement towards personal gain, they are spitting in the faces of actual abuse victims and possibly keeping more victims from coming forward.

This is not a subject to take lightly, and while my show generally deals in the more lighthearted subject matter, this is too important an issue not to weigh in on.

Listen below and let me know your thoughts.


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