100th Podcast! GTR: An oasis from divisive media.

Now more than ever we are weary from being constantly bombarded by the media to believe it's "us" against "them." That we should hate each other over something as ridiculous as political affiliation or who we're voting for.

That's horrible and false. There is SO much more that we have in common.

We all have hobbies, interests, and passions that make life truly worth living. Things that we all share.

My show is for everybody.

Take a break from the politics. Take a break from sound bytes. Take a break from the viciousness designed to make us hate each other over nothing.

Let's talk about cool space stories, high tech gadgetry, video games, art, music, airplanes, cars, trains, animals...everything that brings us joy on common ground.

We are all geeks about something. 

This is your Geek Therapy Radio!


Geek Therapy Radio

Geek Therapy Radio

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