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Glenn: A cyber attack from Russia/Putin could be DEVASTATING

If the United States was targeted with an EMP, studies show 90 percent of our population would not survive past one year. But Glenn fears a cyber attack could be JUST as devastating to America. In this clip, Glenn explains how North Korea uses cyber attacks basically to fund their government, and why Russia and Putin’s capabilities to carry out the same types of cyber warfare should scare you even MORE.

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GLENN: So, Stu, we were just talking about Putin and what Putin can do with nuclear weapons and you made the comment that at some point he's going to say, you know, this is, this proxy war is B. S.

STU: There's good chance of him saying that. We don't know for sure he's going to say that. The best case scenario is he plays this game we're involved in now where everybody knows what we're doing. We keep announcing it for some unknown reason. We keep telling everyone exactly how many missiles and drones and everything else we're sending over there, I guess to brag about how nice we are to Ukraine. And he just keeps saying well, we're still fighting with Ukraine, and we're upset with the west, but they're not really involved in this war. The more desperate he gets, the more our efforts work, and he starts losing, the more likely he is to ack knowledge hey, we we're not losing to Ukraine, we're losing to America. If we don't recognize that, and have the Russian people stand up agents this, you know, eternal threat of the west, as soon as he makes that realization, which he could easily sell to his people, and would be largely true, we are in for a much, much were outcome than some higher energy prices for the winter.

GLENN: What's the worse kind of war that can be fought? What is the worst outcome.

STU: I certainly would jump to nuclear war. These are the two states with the most nuclear war heads available to them. Russia has the most, by the way. We have the second most.

GLENN: I believe I could make a case that a massive cyber attack that shuts down our entire system would be worse.

STU: It's possible.

GLENN: You'd have millions dead. If there was an EMP attack which would basically take out all electrical, so you'd have no computers left, 90 percent of the population would be dead in a year.

STU: That not from you saying that, that's from

GLENN: That's stats. Stats done by, I can't remember. But by the pentagon or for the pentagon. 90 percent would be dead in the first year because it just, nothing works and we're not able to do anything. Just think of, all of the breakdown. Your food, no trucks coming in, no trucks coming in, no tractors that have computer chips in them are working. I mean, it's a complete failure of everything modern. That would be horrendous. Now, I'm not sure you could do that with a cyber attack, but you could mess things up for a very long time and just keep you fix it, it's off line again. Just keep going and you could really disrupt a country. EMP is, it doesn't work, there's no way to fix it. You need all new chips, okay? But cyber is, have you ever wondered, the people of North Korea are starving to death. How are they affording to do all this missile stuff? Because you can't trade. They're beyond swift. They can't trade. They can't sell, nobody buys anything, really, from North Korea. What is it that they are making? How do they have the money? Well, originally it was counterfeiting. They were counterfeiting hundred dollar bills, U.S. hundred dollar bills and just flooding the market with that and passing them off as good. That we caught on to and we caught them and we stopped them. So the next thing they did was start taking our patents, things like viagra, et cetera, and making all of these pharmaceuticals.

STU: Knockoff pills.

GLENN: Knockoff pills. And then just flooding the market with fake viagra and other pills. Made a lot of money, we caught them in that. Then they started something called the Lazarus group, or they like to say the guardians of piece. Our intelligence community calls them hidden cobra. Let's just use the Lazarus group now. Lazarus group is made up of a whole bunch of people. We don't know how many people and it's unrun in North Korea in the north Korean state. We don't know much about them, but what we do know is it's a state sponsored hacking organization and in North Korea, it's known as 414 liaison office. The earliest known attack that this north Korean I'm sharing this with you because North Korea, they got nothing. Think about what Russia can do. The first thing they did was operation Troy, and it took place from 2009 to 2012. And it was a cyber espionage campaign that used DDOS techniques. They were just targeting the government of Seoul, trying to give them denial of service attacks. These are the people that were responsible for the 2014 pictures attack. They have stolen 12 million dollars from BAnco del astro in Ecuador, a million dollars from Vietnam's, what is it, 2015. They have also targeted Banks in Mexico and Poland. In 2016 had an attack on the Bangladesh bank. They stole 81 millions in that heist, all just electronically transferred. They have stolen 60 million dollars U.S. in the far eastern international bank of Taiwan Wu but then it gets a little dicey from there. They have been doing this and they're getting stronger and stronger and stronger. They went in to cryptocurrency because North Korea was real into cryptocurrency. Some how or another they cracked bit thumb and they stole 7 million dollars from that. Then the pandemic happened. These are the people that tried to hack in. remember when you heard about Astrazeneca being hacked into and people were trying to steal all of the formulas, I mean, let them have it. That was this group. This is how they make money. The most famous attack, or infamous attack, it should be more famous than is, is the Bangladesh bank robbery and ever heard of the swift network? Swift network is what we just banned Russia from using; right? We kicked them off the swift network. That's how banks talk to one another. That how bank transfers happen. They went on, hacked into the swift network, and they tried to steal from the federal reserve bank of New York, but not our money. They wanted the money from Bangladesh so they were posing as the central bank of Bangladesh and several transactions went through. The first one was for 20 million, then 81 million, and then there was a misspelling and the word Jupiter on the next one. This is something that was happening when everybody was closed. The system caught a misspelling on one of the big transfers. It was big. It was a big transfer. Glad the system caught it. They put Jupiter, for some reason, on the transfer, the word Jupiter appeared and then there was a misspelling of one of the banks and some low level guy at the federal reserve was like that's weird. The system just kicked this out for a misspelling and the word Jupiter. Isn't Jupiter one of those banned ships from Iran that's not supposed to be doing any oil or anything? So they ran it up the flag pole and they felt it was suspicious and so they decided not to transfer because of a misspelling. This is how close they were. The federal reserve decided not to transfer one billion dollars. Imagine what could be done with a billion dollars. Now imagine how loose we are with 60 billion dollars and just sending it to Ukraine. We have no idea where that money's going. That money could be circling back around into our elections. It could be circling back into radicals on our streets, or people in NATO countries that are trying to do the work of whomever. We don't know where that money is. More importantly, everybody seems gungho on this war with Ukraine and Europe is just starting to wake up and say wait, wait, wait. People are going to freeze to death. Is this really, this is what this is all about? We have no answers because America doesn't have the balls or the juice anymore to be able to help the rest of the world. We are, I've said this for, I can't tell you how many years, we are the world's life boat and we just keep taking on more and more stuff. Hey, everybody from across the boarder, across the world, just come in, we can handle it. Oh you need to be bailed out, we'll bail you out. You need to be bailed out: Okay, you can't pay that, we'll bail you out. We have no more resources left and now the strongest life boat in the world, the United States of America can't take anymore on. The rest of the world's starting to feel that. At some point the rest of the world is going to really regret how hard they pushed America into the dirt. But the biggest reason I wanted to bring up the Lazarus heist is they were that close to stealing a billion dollars from the federal reserve. And that's North Korea. What kind of resources does Vladimir Putin hold and while I'm concerned about nukes, the guy has told us for five years, world war 3, it's already happening and if the west doesn't get it. The next war will be fought with ones and zeros.

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