Time was when you said, “the Wall,” there was no Trump association to the word.

Now with Gen-Z and millennials, loud and proud, proclaiming socialism for America’s future, wonder if they even know the socialism/totalitarianism past, and the wall that symbolized it; the Berlin Wall. It’s now been 30 years since that wall came down, the people millions of people in several countries behind it breaking free, breaking apart the Communist dictatorship of the Soviet Union. It’s visceral politics for those of us who lived that era. I remember when the Berlin Wall went up; the anger and outrage of my dad, a WWII veteran who sacrificed 5 years of his life liberating Europe; for the Soviets to take over?

Thirty years ago as the Berlin Wall came down, I was just as passionate in my feelings that he had lived to see it fall. He died of cancer just 6 months later.That’s what “the wall” evokes in me.

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