Fryer Feature: Yep

Oh, those great reporters we have in the KTRH newsroom and the live interviews they keep bringing to Houston’s Morning News. We’re are having fun and getting some great point and counterpoint, as evidenced by a couple of good ones on this Valentine’s Day.

Actually the conversations had nothing to do with the day, but the funny one was with Joe Concha of The Hill. He was with us to talk about both Democrats and Republicans agreeing that we all are inundated with fake news; KTRH’s Cliff Saunders did an excellent report and brought Concha to us, right after I’d done a story about the world’s oldest person saying he had lived so long by not being angry and smiling a lot. Concha began with a riff on that the podcast should make you laugh.

Not funny but enlightening, the conversation about young people approving of socialism. UH Professor Joseph McNally explained why. We didn’t agree but it was civil. Wish I had asked what examples he gives his students of where socialism doesn’t ultimately destroy.

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