Fryer Feature: Memorials

This 75th anniversary year of the end of World War II, coupled with this Covid-9 pandemic, has me thinking a lot about American generations, continuity of country and family, and the blood and sweat and fortitude in preserving all that.

While Memorial Day honors our Americans who died while serving in the military, my personal visit to the Normandy beaches of France last fall, my visits to Hiroshima, Japan also indelibly imprinted the sacrifice, courage, and the will of those soldiers who had to carry on. My father and many uncles and cousins were among them. All gone now. But my cousin Gene Fryer will celebrate his 95th birthday this Memorial Day.

He was a teenage sailor and mechanic aboard a battleship in the Pacific in World War II. Still sharp as a tack.As his kids say ”he’s just a mess” of good humor and the greatness of his generation. What a blessing to know and still have him with us inspiring as we move into the next 25 year cycle of a century.

Happy Birthday, Cousin Gene.

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