POLL QUESTION: Your Thanksgiving plans

The holidays are almost here, and that means the return of holiday travel!

Across the U.S., travel for Thanksgiving week is set to return to pre-pandemic levels, with almost 2 million set to fly from here in Houston.

"The big question is, do airlines have the proper staffing for the incredibly busy Thanksgiving travel week" said aviation expert Jay Ratliff, "The TSA is also shorthanded right now, so we're going to see some longer security lines than we're used to seeing, certainly that's going to play a part into some aggravation as well."

Airline staff shortages, TSA troubles, cancelled flights, and weather delays are all concerns heading into the busiest travel week of the year.

"We can't afford that during the week of Thanksgiving" Ratliff told KTRH, "It's going to be hopefully a smooth week, but unfortunately we're at a point right now where they can't tolerate even a speed bump, without seeing some serious ramifications across the country."

That leads us to the poll question this morning.

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