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POLL QUESTION: Is it all rigged?

Americans say they're mad as hell, but will they continue to take it anymore?

Polling from the University of Chicago Institute of Politics show a majority of Americans think the government is corrupt and rigged against them. At least a third say they may have to take up arms.

"The Russia hoax. We saw two impeachments and a general disdain for Trump supporters. I think that side of it plays into a lot. But I think that a lot of people that were on the fence, have probably been pushed off the fence by thing that have happened," says Red State's Streiff.

That includes COVID lockdowns, BLM riots and defund police.

"One kid was in a fight with four cops. When he went before the judge, the judge set him free, and he asked the judge how he could go about filing a lawsuit against the cops," says Streiff.

He says there's an overall sense the harm progressives are inflicting is intentional.

"It's becoming like the vax and like wearing masks. It's a question of demanding obedience. They've gone from the point of hiding to the point of doing and just trying to make you accept what they've done."

That brings us to the poll question this morning.

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