ABORT MISSION! Woman Shares “Bouquet Of Red Flags” From Guy Asking For Date

Woman Shares “Bouquet Of Red Flags” From Guy Asking For Date

A woman met a man and after chatting on Facebook, he suggested they meet up for a drink.

She proposed they go to a different café and apparently he didn’t like that one bit. She shared their text exchange with her friend,Elisa Xu, who posted a screenshot of the conversation to Twitter and it has people saying she really dodged a bullet.

The since-deleted tweet reveals the “bouquet of red flags” this guy was giving her right off the bat. In response to her floating the idea of meeting somewhere else, he writes, “The kind of girl I’m looking for would say ‘yes, great, see you there’ to my offer, she would show up on time, we would have a drink there, then if the vibe was good, walked to my place, hooked up and potentially have something good together on a regular basis.”

He goes on to say, “Any other response to me shows either low interest/respect or a tendency to be masculine, bossy, potential for future power struggles. I like my girls to be feminine, submissive, cooperating, happy for the opportunities I create.” So yeah, so many red flags. As you can imagine, the woman turned down the date, but in the best way. She responded, “Yep, it’s for the best. The kind of guy I’m looking for would say remarkably less sociopathic things. Lol good luck.”

"U Up?" LIVE! With Poo~Pourri & Betches

"U Up?" LIVE! With Poo~Pourri & Betches

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Ladies just a couple of thought starters:

  • What are these opportunities he’s creating for her? Meeting for a drink?
  • At least he showed her his true colors before she wasted any time on him!

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