Dear Liberals: A Lesson In Hyperbole

Dear liberals,

 The problem with crying wolf and using too much  hyperbole is that at some point Trump's administration is going to do  something that legitimately deserves criticism.  And when that happens  nobody will listen to you because you way too frequently cried wolf.   Get it? 

 Look, it's important we all believe in the concept of  equal rights.  Nobody is denying that. But here's a wake-up call for the  sky-is-falling crowd: in the eyes of the government you're already equal.    Isn't that enough?  Did I miss the day when the government went  around taking away the rights of women?  Was I outta town or something?   I'm not sure what right you lost but based on the existence of one too  many demonstrators wearing vagina themed clothing this weekend it  clearly had nothing to do with stopping self expression.  

 It's not that I have a problem with your protest.  By all means,  protest (as long as you don't start vandalizing other people's stuff).   Nobody loves raging against injustice as much as me.  But no one  protesting in DC this weekend was upset about a specific injustice.   Topics frequently discussed included the cost of tampons vs Rogaine (in  New York state), which apparently is very important.  Women were bold  enough to say that a tax on tampons was discriminatory because only  women buy them.  Using that logic, couldn't the same be said for all  gender-specific hygiene products?  Axe Body Spray, for example, is gonna  need to be tax-free.   Similarly, I bet a lot of women don't spend  money on Fleshlights and beef jerky.  Maybe that stuff should be tax  free too?   Most of you probably think I'm kidding but that's because  you forgot taxation is theft.  But, I digress.

 All I'm really  saying is: your outrage-inspired energy is useful, but you're wasting  it.  Instead of getting mad about the cost of tampons why not protest  the decade plus never-ending regional proxy war that we've already  hemorrhaged trillions over?  You hear that noise?  No, not the mob of  angry women chanting "Vaginal rights".  I'm talking about the sound of  your tax money being flushed down the toilet.  It kind of sounds like a  predator drone dropping bombs on a village.  And if you listen even  harder you'll hear an NSA agent breathing on the other end of your  phone.  But that doesn't bother you as much as what you're really  listening to: soundbites on the evening news.  "Did you hear what Trump  said 10 years ago about grabbing a pussy?"  Yeah, we heard.  And he  still won.  What does that say about the other choice?

 Let's make  a deal: over the next 4 years if the people on the left can promise not  to pretend this is the new era of fascism just because they lost the  election then maybe all of the (rational) people on the right can  promise we won't compromise our own principles in order to defend  politicians we were vaguely passionate about electing in the first  place.  It couldn't hurt to try, right?

The Pursuit of Happiness

The Pursuit of Happiness

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