Sometimes even geniuses say stupid things.

Irony alert!  Stephen Hawking is about to travel on a carbon fueled  rocket into space... And he's also publicly complaining about Trump's  global warming policy. 

 Stephen Hawking is heading into space  aboard billionaire businessman Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic  spaceship.  During an interview with Good Morning Britain, the  75-year-old physicist said he never dreamed of fulfilling his "ultimate  ambition" of flying into space until Branson offered him a spot.  Neat!   

 And in that very same interview  the famed professor also shared his thoughts on President Donald Trump,  saying he no longer feels welcome in the U.S. under the current  administration.  Hawking said he was concerned about Trump's  environmental policy and recommended he remove Scott Pruitt from his  role as head of the Environment Protection Agency.  After all, we gotta  protect the environment, right?  

 Okay, fine - then cancel your trip to space.  Nothing uses as much  carbon credits as a space ship.  All the SUVs in the world aren't gonna  burn as much fuel as a rocket to space and Stephen Hawking knows that  better than anyone.  Is he kidding?  

 Stephen, if you're so  concerned about carbon emissions, prove it!  Politely decline Richard  Branson's space trip offer for the good of the Earth.  Otherwise you're a  hypocrite and a liar.  For being such a genius, Stephen Hawking sure is  stupid.   

The Pursuit of Happiness

The Pursuit of Happiness

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