There's no such thing as non-biased media

I sure am glad the Associated Press is a non-biased news source that we can count on for honest reporting... Said no one ever.

 The AP put a piece out yesterday that claims Donald Trump's proposed  budget cuts are going to contribute to the worst global humanitarian  crisis in 70 years.  Basically they're suggesting that if American tax  payers stop sending money overseas [money that is often intercepted by  warlords and dictators] it will cause millions of little African kids to  starve to death.  You don't wanna kill little African kids, do you?

 Now, before we tackle the fact that it's not America's responsibility  to supply the entire continent of Africa with food, lets take a look at  some of the other humanitarian crisis of the last 70 years...

 -The Bosnian War [Over 100,000 deaths]-The Korean War [over 50,000 deaths]-The Vietnam War [over a million deaths]-War in Iraq, Yemen, Syria, Libya, Afghanistan, Somalia, Sudan, Nigeria and Pakistan. [Still counting the bodies]

 And lets not forget this one... 

 -Mao's Great Leap Forward [China's former leader killed over 45 million people in 4 years].  

 Are we supposed to believe that a food shortage in Africa is worse than  45 million people being murdered in a 4-year period?  And somehow this  is Trump's fault?  Seems like a stretch, but okay.  

 Wow, the AP sure is biased.  

The Pursuit of Happiness

The Pursuit of Happiness

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